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Joining our club will enhance the experience of being a runner, whether through competition, group running, fun, advice or companionship. We are a "no pressure" club that focus on a shared passion for the sport of running.


If you wear ‘The Red’ when you run, you know why you love our club! Renewing your annual membership has just become easier and its online. True story! Don’t let that boring admin creep up on you.

Once you have registered, you need to register with Athletics South Africa. Download and complete the form
or print, complete and scan the form and then send it to admin@pentagonpistols.co.za
Welcome to Pentagon Pistols Running Club


Bloemfontein Running Club

Founded in 2008, we are motivated, dedicated and committed to support the sport of running and runners who enjoy running for fun. The club consists of vibrant runners who are willing to face a challenge and enjoy being active and healthy together as a team.

The club encourages and hosts formal race events and many fun social events throughout the year where new people are invited to join the existing club members as guests share the fun.

Pentagon Pistols provide support and entertainment to anyone who shares the love of running.

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Weekly Club Run Schedule
Weekly Club Run Schedule
Daily and Saturday runs
Rose Run 2020
Rose Run 2020
Date: 14 March 2020

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Other Runs

Trailrun Series

Standard Bank Trail run Series hosts Short (4-6km) & Long (7-12km) events which changes according to what nature allows. For more details and entries for the Standard Bank Trail run Series visit their website….

City Relay

The Standard Bank CityRelay RACE is our business, friends & family team building relay running event taking place every year in April at UFS Kovsies Cross Country Track. For more details and entries for the Standard Bank CityRelay visit their website….

Black Mountain Challenge

The Bestmed Black Mountain Challenge is our flagship event hosted over two days, day 1 is 33km on Black Mountain notorious for #BlackBeast Climb... For more details and entries for the Black Mountain Challenge visit their website….

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